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Spirit says fewer flights being canceled since injunction

May 18, 2017

Spirit Airlines says it's canceling fewer flights since a judge issues a restraining order against the union over an alleged work slowdown

Business, leisure travelers ponder flying without laptops

May 17, 2017

Business travelers may reduce trips or figure work-arounds if the ban on laptops in airplane cabins is expanded to flights from Europe

Talks on airplane laptop ban end with no ban, more talks

May 17, 2017

Talks on a proposed U.S. ban on laptops and tablets in flights from Europe ended Wednesday with no ban _ and a promise of more talks and better intelligence sharing

US prepares to ban laptops on flights from Europe

May 12, 2017

The European Union is seeking information from the United States about exactly what security threat sparked its in-flight laptop ban amid concern the measure might be imposed on EU flights

Video of passenger getting dragged off flight sparks uproar

Apr 11, 2017

Video of police officers dragging a male passenger from an overbooked United Airlines flight is sparking an uproar on social media

Convicted Greek former defense minister allowed out on bail

Apr 5, 2017

A court in Greece is allowing a former defense minister serving time for corruption to be released from prison early because of poor health

American Airlines buys stake in China Southern Airlines

Mar 28, 2017

American Airlines has agreed to pay $200 million for a stake in China Southern Airlines, one of the country's three major state-owned carriers

Virgin America will be the latest airline brand to disappear

Mar 23, 2017

After much consideration, Alaska Airlines will drop the Virgin America brand

Airlines expect 4 percent rise in passengers this spring

Mar 20, 2017

Profitable US airlines see more blue skies ahead, as spring travel is forecast to rise 4 percent over last year

Low-cost Norwegian Air promises bargain flights to Europe

Feb 23, 2017

Low-cost carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle is starting service to Europe this summer from Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York

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