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Real or artificial? Tech titans declare AI ethics concerns

Apr 7, 2019

The biggest tech companies want you to know that they're taking special care to avoid artificial intelligence's dark side

Palestinian official denounces Netanyahu's campaign pledge

Apr 7, 2019

The Palestinian foreign minister says Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu will face a 'real problem' if he carries through his election campaign promise to annex Jewish settlements in the West Bank

'Queer Eye' star France bridges divides on TV, in real life

Apr 5, 2019

Netflix's 'Queer Eye' and star Tan France caught on by doing something unusual: creating 'honest, earnest,' optimistic reality TV

Beyoncé partners with Adidas, will re-launch Ivy Park line

Apr 4, 2019

Beyoncé partners with Adidas, will re-launch Ivy Park activewear clothing line

AP Photos: Saris stand out on Indian fashion runway

Mar 28, 2019

AP Photos: The sari, Indian women's most idiosyncratic garment, stands out on New Delhi fashion runway

Unpleasant surprises: Buying a company can bring challenges

Mar 27, 2019

Small business owners can face unexpected challenges after buying a company, whether they're impossible-to-foresee events or problems that weren't apparent or that prospective owners didn't fully investigate

McKinsey: luxury consumers open to sustainability premium

Mar 27, 2019

Fashion industry experts say luxury consumers are expressing a willingness to spend more for garments whose production doesn't harm the environment or exploit workers, a sign that the era of sustainability in fashion is taking hold

To glam or not to glam soon after giving birth

Mar 26, 2019

With another royal baby on the horizon, the debate over postpartum perfection is alive and well

FDA takes up decades-long debate over breast implant safety

Mar 24, 2019

FDA meeting to review the safety of breast implants, recommend next steps

Florida may boost regulation of cosmetic surgery clinics

Mar 24, 2019

Florida may boost regulation of cosmetic surgery clinics with legislation requiring them to demonstrate they can cover claims when something goes wrong

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