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Former Facebook exec says she was harassed on flight

Nov 30, 2017

Alaska Airlines says it's investigating a claim that flight attendants allowed a passenger to sexually harass a former Facebook executive on a flight

Trump administration halts school lunch salt reduction

Nov 29, 2017

Same amount of salt, fewer whole-grains: Trump administration halts Obama-era school lunch plans

New England shrimp fishing closed for at least 1 more year

Nov 29, 2017

New England shrimp will be unavailable to seafood consumers for at least another year as the fishery struggles with environmental changes

Chipotle, looking for a turnaround, shops for new CEO

Nov 29, 2017

Chipotle looks for a new CEO to help turn the chain around, after struggling to recover from food safety scares

Meat-loving Arby's buying Buffalo Wild Wings

Nov 28, 2017

Arby's is buying casual dining chain Buffalo Wild Wings in a deal valued at about $2.4 bullion

Prison-themed restaurant in Egypt draws in curious diners

Nov 28, 2017

Prison-themed restaurant in Egypt draws patrons with novelty

KitchenWise: Ants in a Tree is a crowd-pleaser

Nov 27, 2017

KitchenWise: Ants in a Tree, made with spicy pork, bean thread noodles and scallions, is a crowd-pleaser

Greek police arrest 7 for selling bogus olive oil

Nov 26, 2017

Greek police have arrested 7 people involved in fraudulently selling large quantities of adulterated sunflower oil as olive oil in Greece and abroad

The art of Italian home-cooking brought to Syrian refugees

Nov 23, 2017

Italian chefs teach Syrian refugees to make gnocchi, an Italian staple, to show support in perhaps the most restrictive of Jordan's camps for Syrians

Bread made of insects to be sold in Finnish supermarkets

Nov 23, 2017

One of Finland's largest food companies is selling what it claims to be a first: insect bread

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